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About Us

I'm Lucinda, I'm a womenswear designer, and I LOVE essential oils.

I started using essential oils to support my mission to cut out toxins and quite honestly, I was looking for some kind of natural stress relief, and something to help with my skin. I loved using the oils on myself and my husband - we both feel so empowered to have these beautiful gems in our lives, and now have the confidence to use them to support our family's health and well-being.

All that being said, I am a true creative. And I can never stop. I'm always looking for ways to express my passions - and that's where Essential Oil Clothing came from. It seemed only natural for me to do this, since I already have years of experience within the fashion industry and I'm so excited to see where this will take us.

Essential Oil Clothing offers flattering shapes while showing everyone we meet how much we love our oils. If you're in the business of essential oils, it's a great conversation starter without even having to try! I'm striving to provide good quality clothing, with slogans and original print designs. I'd also love to hear your ideas - get in touch if you have a really great t-shirt print idea and I'd love to try and get it made for you.

I want you to see the entire process our t-shirts go through before they end up on your door step. For me, the factory right here in England (Leicester to be precise) is somewhere that has become my second home, and I'm so excited I have the opportunity to share it with you. Many people see the fashion industry as a dirty place, and in many ways it absolutely is - there's no denying that. But I see opportunity to make it good again, especially here in the UK.

Through a series of posts via my social media profiles - I'm going to shed the light on exactly where your t-shirts have been. And you'll notice I've even calculated the miles on every T-shirt you see on site, I'm super excited to be able to give you this kind of transparency. So follow my links to Facebook and Instagram and I will share with you there :)